Question: How many Blue-Eyes White Dragons are there in the world?

We previously mentioned a Blue Eyes White Dragon from the same promo set at #4 on the list, but this Dark Magician is actually a bit more rare, with only 88 PSA 10s in population.

How many different Blue-Eyes White Dragon are there?

The Falsebound Kingdom, the 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons are named Azrael, Ibris, and Djibril.

Are there 4 Blue-Eyes White Dragons?

Lastly, for the hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, we present you with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Triple Pack! In the anime, only three of the four Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards still exist, and Seto Kaiba, the modern-day reincarnation of Priest Seto, has all of them in his deck.

What is the most powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. ATK: 4500. DEF: 3800. Blue-Eyes White Dragon. ATK: 3000. DEF: 2500. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. ATK: 3000. Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon. ATK: 2500. Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon. ATK: 3000. Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon. ATK: 2500. Dragon Spirit of White. ATK: 2500. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. ATK: 4500. •Oct 11, 2019

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