Question: How did Chin Ho Kelly wife died?

In the premier, Malia died from her wounds, leaving Chin devastated although he later avenges her death while the team is later seen at her funeral (3.02).

Who killed Chin Ho Kellys wife?

Then she made up with Chin, married him, and was barely seen until the producers needed some drama, and she was killed by the henchman of a crooked cop (Stephen Baldwin) in the Season 3 premiere in 2012.

How does Gabriel die on Hawaii Five O?

Character information In the season finale of season six, after he is shot, Gabriel goes into cardiac arrest in surgery and is pronounced dead.

Who is Chin Ho Kelly wife?

Malia Waincroft Hawaii Five-0 (2010–2017)Chin Ho KellyFamilyKam Tong Kelly (father, deceased)SpouseMalia Waincroft (deceased)Significant othersAbby DunnRelativesSara Malia Diaz Waincroft (Niece; Ward) Keako (uncle) Mele (aunt, deceased) Kono Kalakaua (cousin) Gabriel Waincroft (brother-in-law, deceased)10 more rows

What happened to Michelle Shioma?

In Season 8, Michelle Shioma was killed in prison on orders of The Ghost.

Does Chin Ho Kelly get married?

On the eve of Chin Hos wedding to Malia, the Five-0s investigation crosses paths with Capt. Fryers case of a Jane Doe.

Why was Chin Ho Kelly killed?

The man known to millions of television viewers as detective Chin Ho Kelly has died. Hawaii Five-O star Kam Fong Chun lost his battle with lung cancer on October 18th. His family did not announce his death earlier because they wanted some private time to grieve.

Does chin adopt Sara?

In Kaili aku, Chin is at his birthday party when he gets a call from Maria, Saras aunt, that Sara had been kidnapped. He and the rest of Five-0 go to Mexico, where they successfully retrieve Sara.

Who kills Wo Fat?

McGarrett Although Wo Fat is long dead, killed by McGarrett in the 100th episode, he remains a lethal threat in the person of his widow, Daiyu Mei, who is seeking revenge.

Who killed Agent Fisher Hawaii 5o?

Noriko Noriko was behind the murders of Agent Fisher and all of the crime bosses on Hawaii. She recruited an FBI agent to bring in her brother Adam Noshimuri and frame him for Hidekis death.

Who played Anna Chue in GREYs anatomy?

Michelle Jacqueline Krusiec Michelle Jacqueline Krusiec (born Ya-Huei Yang; Chinese: 楊雅慧; pinyin: Yáng Yǎhuì; October 2, 1974) is an American actress, writer and producer....Television.Year2005TitleGreys AnatomyRoleAnna ChueNotesEpisode: Bring the Pain26 more columns

Did Chin Ho take the money?

Commander Steve McGarrett. Yet Chin did an about-face a few weeks ago when he confessed to taking the money in order to protect his Uncle Keako (who took the cash to pay for a kidney for his wife on the black market).

Does chin get custody of Sara?

He and the rest of Five-0 go to Mexico, where they successfully retrieve Sara. Later in the next episode, Ka Aelike, Maria and Jorge Morales, Saras aunt and uncle, give Chin Ho custody of Sara, and they return to Hawaii, along with the rest of Five-0.

Who plays Wu Mei in community?

Michelle Krusiec Michelle Krusiec: Wu Mei Jump to: Photos (20)

Is Lynn Chen married?

Abe Forman-Greenwaldm. 2003 Lynn Chen/Spouse

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