Question: What year was Mr Blue Sky?

Who sang Mr Blue Sky originally?

Electric Light Orchestra Mr. Blue Sky/Artists

When did Weezer cover Mr Blue Sky?

It was originally written by the British rock band Electric Light Orchestra and released in 1978....Mr. Blue Sky.Mr. Blue SkyAlbumWeezer (The Teal Album)ReleasedJanuary 24, 2019FormatDigitalLength4:467 more rows•Aug 9, 2021

Is Mr Blue Sky Classic rock?

Mr. Blue Sky is a song by English rock group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), featured on the bands seventh studio album Out of the Blue (1977). Mr. ...

What is considered the happiest song in the world?

The formula found that the happiest song in the world is actually Mr. Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra, which has 180 bpm, played in the key of F Major. Jolijs research found that the key the song was in was an important factor in determining the happiness of a song.

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