Question: Who owns Garretts popcorn?

About GARRETT BRANDS LLC Garrett Brands LLC is privately held and operated by Lance Chody and his family. The company owns Garrett Popcorn Shops®; and has corporate offices in Chicago and Hong Kong. Garrett Popcorn Shops®; offer handcrafted, artisanal popcorn in nine countries and on the website.

Where did Garretts popcorn originate?

Chicago First Shop The first Garrett Popcorn Shops opened at 10 West Madison in downtown Chicago. Believe it or not, it was started by a female entrepreneur who brought her secret family popcorn recipes for CaramelCrisp®, CheeseCorn, Buttery, and Plain to The Windy City.

How many ounces is Garretts popcorn?

Do you have a size guide?SizePiecesWeight*Box of 16165.5 ozBox of 303010.25 ozBox of 565619.25 ozRound Canister~ 248 oz1 more row•2 Jul 2020

Why is Garrett popcorn so good?

Dedicated to preserving our secret family recipes, we only use high-quality, local ingredients to create our delicious popcorn in old-fashioned copper kettles. Made fresh daily in small batches, our gourmet popcorn is gluten free, preservative free, and full of delicious flavors.

Why is Garrett Popcorn popular?

According to Melissa Lawler, a Chicago expat, Its simply the best popcorn in the world. Garrett Mix is a sweet and savory combination of CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn that Windy City fans created decades ago. In fact, theyre still creating their own combinations.

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