Question: Who was the lips in Rocky Horror?

The opening scene and song, Science Fiction/Double Feature, consists of the lips of Patricia Quinn (who appears in the film later as the character Magenta and as Trixie the Usherette in the original London production, where she also sings the song) but has the vocals of actor and Rocky Horror creator, Richard O ...

Who are the lips in Rocky Horror Picture Show Glee?

The episode opens with the red lips of glee club member Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) against a black background as she sings Science Fiction/Double Feature.

Who did the singing in Rocky Horror?

Trevor White is the singing voice of Rocky Horror and he can be heard in the movie and in the 2000 version of the soundtrack, a mono version taken directly from the movie (meaning you can hear the background noices).

Did Susan Sarandon do her own singing in Rocky Horror?

Susan Sarandon didnt plan on auditioning for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and once she got there she certainly didnt want to sing — but she ultimately won over casting producers with a rendition of a very famous and very simple song.

Did everyone sing in Rocky Horror?

During the soundtrack sessions, a session singer was used for Rocky Horrors part. Hinwood mimed the vocals during filming. In post-production, writer and director Jim Sharman wanted to change Rocky Horrors voice, and hired Australian actor and singer Trevor White to dub the final vocals for this movie.

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