Question: What are the dos and donts of dating?

What are the dos and donts on a first date?

25 First-Date Dos and DontsPhoto and Illustration: iStock. 1/25. DONT get ahead of yourself. Its OK to get excited before you go out with someone new, but stay realistic. Photo: Getty Images. 2/25. DO be open to unexpected date ideas. Photo: iStock. 3/25. DONT go somewhere overflowing with eye candy.Oct 26, 2008

Whats the biggest deal-breaker on a date?

According to surveys involving 3,000 singles, looking at your phone too much throughout a date is the biggest first date dealbreaker. A 2017 survey done by dating app PlentyOfFish asked 2,000 singles about their dating dealbreakers, according to Bustle.

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