Question: Who is the song Danny Boy about?

Who wrote Danny Boy lyrics?

Frederic Weatherly Danny Boy/Composers

Who does the best rendition of Danny Boy?

Peter Hollens - Most moving rendition of Danny Boy I have ever heard | Facebook.

Who sang Oh Danny boy?

BYU Vocal Point Danny Boy (Arr. McKay Crockett)/Artists

Who made the song Danny Boy popular?

BYU Vocal Point Danny Boy (Arr. McKay Crockett)/Artists

Who sang Oh Danny Boy?

BYU Vocal Point Danny Boy (Arr. McKay Crockett)/Artists

What does the name Danny stand for?

God is my judge Hebrew. From the Hebrew name Daniyyel, meaning God is my judge.

What is Danny short for?

Danny is a short variant of Daniel or Daniela and therefore a biblical name.

Why is Danny Boy a Police song?

Elvis said he thought “Danny Boy” was written by angels and asked for it to be played at his funeral. 11, 2001, the strains of “Danny Boy” rose from the memorial services of so many Irish-American police and firefighters who were among the victims.

Is Danny a gender neutral name?

The name Danny is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means God Is My Judge. Diminutive form of the name Daniel, Danielle or Daniela.

What is the nickname for Danny?

Dan First nameDanielLanguage(s)HebrewMeaningGod is my judgeOther namesNickname(s)Dan, Danny, Danya3 more rows

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