Question: When did MEC stop being a co op?

What makes MEC a co-op?

MEC is classified as a first tier co-operative, meaning that the co-operative provides services directly to the members. Because of this, 100% of MECs business is with its member owners.

How much is the co-op worth?

In short, no. The Co-operative Group says it accounts for about 80% of the total Co-operative movement in the UK. Co-operatives UK, the trade body for societies, estimates the co-operative economy is worth about £36.7bn and has 15.4 million members.

Who owns Co-Op Canada?

Federated had expanded to Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia by 1970. Federated Co-operatives is owned by about 365 member co-operatives across the region....Federated Co-operatives.TypeCooperative federationNet income$1.2 billion (2018)Number of employees23,000Websitewww.fcl.crs6 more rows

Who owns the coop?

The Co-operative Group CO-OPERATIVE GROUP LIMITED Co-op Food/Parent organizations

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