Question: What apps are popular in Singapore?

Among the 115 apps, users in Singapore also have a high usage of social networking apps: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular, and data shows 4 million Singaporeans say WhatsApp is their most used app3. Which is impressive considering the population of Singapore is 5.75 million.

Most Popular Apps 2020 (Global)AppDownloads 2020Facebook540 millionInstagram503 millionZoom477 millionMessenger404 million6 more rows

Which is the most commonly used real time chatting app in Singapore?

Whatsapp. Unless you dont own a smartphone, you definitely have Whatsapp, which is the most popular messaging app in Singapore and possibly the world.

What is Singapore VPN?

Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN encrypts all the internet traffic flowing to and from your device and tunnels it via an intermediary server outside your location. Hackers or surveillance agencies cant keep track of what youre doing online, including which websites youre visiting and the content you stream.

It comes as no surprise that the largest social network in Singapore is the leading video streaming provider YouTube, followed by the messenger app WhatsApp and the social media giant Facebook.

What messaging app does Singapore use?

If you take a closer look, the statistics of the We are Social Report show that WhatsApp, measured by active users, is the most used messaging app in Singapore. The 2nd place among the messaging apps is occupied by Facebook Messenger, followed by WeChat and Telegram on position 7 and 10.

Using a VPN is not illegal in Singapore. However, using a VPN to access censored content that has been deemed illegal by the government is. Thus, it is not a VPN itself that is illegal – but instead – what you choose to do with it.

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