Question: What does pagan mean in British slang?

Pagan: A two-face person, untrustworthy.

What does pagan mean in English slang?

Both words have developed broader and pejorative meanings over time, with pagan being used to mean “an irreligious or hedonistic person” and heathen “uncivilized” or “strange,” but their original meanings are still in use.

What does pagan mean in London?

Slang, brands and symbolsSlangMeaningPsmoney – paper money or notesPaganperson who moves between gangs, or has no affiliationShankstabbed, a knifeShooknervous, scared17 more rows

What does Paigon stand for?

In urban slang, paigon is used to mean someone who is a backstabber, a snake or generally not a nice person.

What is a YUTE UK slang?

/juːt/ uk. /juːt/ young people: Hes a comedian who claims to be the voice of British yute.

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