Question: Is grumpy bear a boy or girl?

Grumpy is one of the few remaining bears who must mount a rescue mission along with two children named John and Dawn. When the team arrives in Dark Hearts lair, they are joined by Christy who laments her actions and helps the rest of the crew to get the evil shape-shifter to care, transforming him into a real boy.

What color is the Grumpy Care Bear?

dark blue Grumpy Bear has dark blue fur and his Belly badge depicts the easily identifiable image of a storm cloud with hearts or two replacing some of the raindrops. Grumpy is usually depicted with blue eyes as well.

Which Care Bear has a shooting star?

Wish Bear Wish Bear has turquoise fur and her Belly badge depicts a yellow shooting star with a smile on its face. In the TV series Adventures in Care-a-Lot, she wears a star-shaped hair clip.

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