Question: Who leaves the farmer wants a wife?

One of Farmer Wills three remaining women - Jessica, Jaimee and Kristina - will leave the 39-year-olds farm in Longwood, Victoria, in an upcoming episode. In the episode, Will returns from a yabby-catching date with two of the women to find the third has absconded without telling anyone.

Which farmer left in Farmer Wants a Wife?

But Rob Campbell ended up walking away the same way he came in — alone, failing to find that “lighting bolt” connection. Farmer Rob ultimately decided to head home alone. Farmer Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan have found love on Farmer Wants A Wife — and are still going strong.

Why did Jess leave Farmer Wants a Wife?

Andrew and Jess wanted to leave the show early “Andrew knew he was going to pick me, so we went to the producers and told them wed fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no,” Jess shared ahead of the reunion episode.

Are Tara and Matt still together farmer wants a wife?

Matt and Tara confirmed their split at the FWAW reunion.

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