Question: How do I search for a Google Group?

How do I search Google chat groups?

Search for Google groupsAt the top of the page, type in your search term or phrase in the Search field.In the drop-down menu that appears, either choose one of the options or just go ahead and hit the Enter key to proceed with your search (see Figure 1).

Who can view conversations Google Groups?

General General. Users can view conversations in Groups if these are enabled. Users can start and participate in group conversations. Users can see the groups members list.

How do I manage members in Google Groups?

Add people to your group directlySign in to Google Groups.Click the name of a group.On the left, click Members.At the top, click Add members.Enter the email addresses of the people to invite.(Optional) To add a welcome message to the email notification for new members, enter a message.Click Add members.

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