Question: Can you hook up on LinkedIn?

Lets face it, LinkedIn isnt the most exciting app on your phone. But with a growing number of people using LinkedIn as a way to hook up with old work colleagues, it seems it isnt actually all work and no play. For a growing number of users, its the new Tinder, with a request to connect becoming the new swipe right.

Can we use LinkedIn for dating?

Linkedin is a great reservoir of talent when it comes to the dating scene, he said. He also uses the platform to message people, since most dating sites require a mutual match before users can communicate.

Can I flirt on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Isnt Tinder, So Stop Using it to Flirt | Money.

Does LinkedIn show marital status?

There is potential for it to be used in audience targeting for LinkedIn advertisements; however, currently LinkedIn doesnt offer marital status as criteria for advertisement targeting. To fill out the Marital Status field, all you do is click the down arrow and choose Married or Single.

How do I say hello on LinkedIn?

How to say “Hello” on LinkedInALWAYS write personalized messages when hitting the “connect” button. Use groups as a reference when you initiate contact with someone for the first time by choosing a group that you both are members of. Follow-up all accepted connections with a short “thank you” message.

How far back does LinkedIn go?

Limiting your resume to your last 15 years can help mitigate this barrier to hiring, demonstrate that your most relevant experience is recent and that youve kept up with current workplace trends. If your experience is older than 15 years but isnt vital or relevant to the role youre targeting, consider cutting it.

How do you not show your date on LinkedIn?

To achieve this on LinkedIn you will need to choose Edit Your Profile, and then edit your Education section. Select the “—“option in the drop-down box for your start and finish dates. Eliminate dates from other sections, as well.

How do I send someone a private message on LinkedIn?

To share a post with your connections via a private message:Tap Send below the post.Type the name(s) of your recipient(s) or group in the Type a name field.Type your message (Optional).Tap the ➤ Send icon.Sep 9, 2020

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