Question: How do I do a detailed search on Facebook?

Tap the “Search” icon in the top right corner of the app (magnifying glass). Enter some text into the search bar. The advanced search page opens, allowing you to choose various categories to narrow down the search results. These are the same as in the browser version of Facebook.

How do you do an advanced search on Facebook?

To use advanced search for people, type in the persons name in the top search bar and click the Search button. Click the People tab on top and then select the filters on the sidebar. You can filter your search results by selecting the City, Education, Work and Mutual Friends options.

How do you search for exact phrases on Facebook?

Did you know you can easily search for and find an exact phrase or sequence of words? Simply, enclose your sentence or phrase with the double quote character either side when searching!

How do you do a graph search on Facebook?

Sign in to your Facebook account using either your username or your registered email address and password. Activate Graph Search. If you have never used Graph Search before, activate this feature using this link: Once the page opens up, click on the “Try Graph Search” link.

How do I search for a specific profile on Facebook?

Type the persons full name in the search box. Click See More at the bottom of the search menu. The search menu expands to reveal new options for search. So, if you type Jane Smith and then click See More, you can now either search People Named Jane Smith, Pages Named Jane Smith, or Places Named Jane Smith.

How do you search Facebook comments?

Simply go to the search bar of Facebook and type over there “Comments made by {users name}”. And that is all. You will easily be able to see the comments.

How do I search 2020 on Facebook?

You first need to enter the Marketplace by clicking on the link in the left-hand panel. When the page has loaded, enter your basic search term and press Enter. Youll then need to use the filters to narrow down the results. There are Category, Location, Item condition, and Price filters for you to tweak.

How do you use graph 2020?

2:134:35New Facebook Graph Search 2020 Explained, 2019 AlternativeYouTube

Why can I not search on Facebook?

Step-By-Step Breakdowns to Fix Facebook Search Not Working Clear cookies and cache from the browser if youre using a computer. Make sure youre using the updated version of the current browser. Restart your computer or phone. Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app if youre using a phone.

How do I search a Facebook user by comment?

If you remember a specific user by name, you could type in “comments made by ” in the Facebook search bar. You can narrow down the search results using the filters on the left. However, this appears to yield more information about people in your friend list or fellow group members.

How do I see all comments on Facebook?

You can access all comments from your Activity Log. First open your timeline view, and theres a link to access the Activity log. From the Activity log, select Comments, and youll get a chronological list of all your comments.

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