Question: How is Lucy different than modern humans?

Some experts argue that Lucy was in some ways more adapted to walking upright than a modern human, whose pelvis has to be a compromise between bipedal locomotion and the ability to give birth to large brained babies. Because her skeleton was so complete, Lucy gave us an unprecedented picture of her kind.

Which parts of Lucy are similar or different to chimpanzees and modern humans?

Lucy and other members of her species could walk well because their hip and knee joints were more like humans than like chimps. The very first fossils of this species -- found by paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson at Hadar in 1973 -- were the parts of a knee joint.

What killed Lucy the chimp?

poachers The truth is that no-one knows how Lucy died. Given that she was on one of the islands that comprise the River Gambia National Park then disease, a fall, drowning, snake bite, being snatched by a crocodile, lightning strike or even depression, are each more likely causes of her death than being killed by poachers.

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