Question: Where are settings in Yahoo Mail?

To open the Settings feature on the Yahoo Mail app, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner, scroll down, and then tap the Settings option; some versions of the Mail app may say Options. If your phone has hardware buttons, you can also pull up the menu by pressing the menu button.

Where do I find my Yahoo account settings?

Go to Settings. On the main Yahoo Mail page, look at the right side of your screen. You will see a small gear; click on Settings to open a new window. Edit account info. You will now see a list of items under Settings.

Where is settings icon Yahoo Mail?

In the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail account, youll see a Settings icon. When you hover over that icon a menu appears and you want to click Settings.

What is basic Mail on Yahoo?

Yahoo Mail turns to basic mode automatically when it senses a slow connection or a browser that doesnt know how to handle the full-featured interface. However, to switch it over manually takes a few steps: Click the Settings gear. Select More Settings in the drop-down menu. Click Switch to basic Mail.

Why cant I get to my Yahoo Mail?

Its possible that the issue is with your internet browser. If youre on a desktop or laptop, make sure youre using a Yahoo-compatible browser — either Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge — and that your browser has installed its most recent update. There might also be an issue with your internet connection.

How many versions of Yahoo Mail are there?

two versions Yahoo Mail comes in two versions: full featured and basic. The full featured version is newer version and is, of course, recommended by Yahoo. However, if you prefer a more streamlined, simple version of mail, you can use Yahoos Basic Mail.

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