Question: Can unmarried couples share a room in Dubai?

As per laws in Dubai, it is illegal for unmarried couples to share a private room or accommodation. According to law, if you are caught under such circumstances, you may face punishment under Article 356 of UAE Penal Code. However, there are cases of people of mixed genders sharing a common accommodation in Dubai.

Where can unmarried couples stay in Dubai?

Dubai Hotels and Places to StayJumeirah Zabeel Saray. View Hotel. Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai. View Hotel. Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai. View Hotel. Atlantis The Palm. View Hotel. Shangri-La Dubai. View Hotel. Burj Al Arab. Grosvenor House, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Dubai. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah.

Can unmarried couples share a room?

It is a blatant lie when hoteliers tell you that the law does not permit them to rent out rooms to unmarried couples. Judges and senior lawyers have openly clarified that there is no such Act or Clause in the Indian Constitution which prohibits hotels, lodges, homestays from giving rooms to unmarried couples.

Can police raid couple friendly hotels?

Experts say that under Indian law the police can arrest people for indecent behaviour in public spaces, but hotel rooms are private areas. There is no law that forbids an unmarried couple from checking into a hotel together, argues an article in the Mint website.

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