Question: Should you use Google search partners?

Thankfully there is an option to disable search partners altogether and just advertise on the standard Google Search network. Having search partner ads enabled or disabled doesnt have any impact on your keyword quality scores, so theres no immediate benefit or potential disadvantage to opting in or out.

What are Google Search partners?

Sites in the Search Network that partner with Google to show ads and free product listings. Search partners extend the reach of Google Search ads and listings to hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as YouTube and other Google sites.

What is Google Partner Network?

Google Search Partners are websites that have partnered with Google to show ads from the Google Search network. Google search partners can shows ads from the Google search network on their internal search results pages, on-site directory pages, or on other search-related pages.

How do I get rid of search partners?

Click the campaign in which you want to include or remove search partners. Click Networks. Under Search Network, tick the box for Include Google search partners to enable ads from this campaign to appear on search partner websites, or uncheck it to disable this campaigns ads from showing on partner websites.

Is YouTube part of Google Search Network?

The Google Display Network is comprised of Google properties like YouTube, Google Finance, Gmail, and others that offer display advertising, as well as a network of millions of partner sites and mobile apps on which you can place your ads.

What is the criteria for becoming Google search partner?

To meet the requirements for a Premier Partner Badge, you must deliver strong Google Ads revenue and growth, meet a higher ad spend across your managed accounts, and have two or more users in your company who are certified in Google Ads (or who have admin or standard status on your organizations Google Ads manager ...

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