Question: Why is Kowloon called the dark side?

Nicknamed the dark side, despite being permanently lit up in a fiery neon glow, Kowloon is restlessly trapped between Western idealism and Da Li (the Chinese mainland).

Is Kowloon still there?

Kowloon Walled City was an ungoverned and densely populated de jure Chinese enclave within the boundaries of Kowloon City, British Hong Kong. After an arduous eviction process, and the transfer of de jure sovereignty of the enclave from China to Britain, demolition began in March 1993 and was completed in April 1994.

Why is it called Kowloon?

First occupied by the British in 1860, Kowloon was home to farming and fishing communities for hundreds of years. Its name, which means Nine Dragons, supposedly comes from the Song Dynastys Emperor Bing, who named the area for its eight tallest mountains. The ninth dragon was, of course, the emperor himself.

Is Kowloon a slum?

There was almost no administrative control, and the city became a slum. Yet whenever the Hong Kong government tried to clear it to turn it into a park—evicting the residents in the process—the Chinese government always stepped in. After all, this tiny rectangle of land was still officially their territory.

Is Kowloon part of China?

Kowloon Peninsula, Kowloon also spelled Kaulun or Kaulung, Chinese (Pinyin) Jiulong or (Wade-Giles romanization) Chiu-lung, part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, southeastern China.

What language is spoken in Kowloon?

Cantonese Official languagesNative languages of Hong Kong (2016)Cantonese (official)88.9%English (official)4.3%Mandarin1.9%Other Chinese varieties3.1%2 more rows

Can you drink the water in Hong Kong?

Hong Kongs water is good enough to drink. According to the WSD, Hong Kongs water is actually among the safest in the world14. So as long as you maintain your plumbing in good condition, Hong Kongs water is actually safe to drink from the tap without having to boil.

What is the meaning of Xie Xie?

thank you In most languages, one of the first and most important things you learn how to say is “thank you.” In English, “thank you” is a way of showing your appreciation and gratefulness towards someone. In Chinese culture, this is no different. This phrase in Mandarin is 谢谢 (xiè xie)! Its such an important and useful phrase.

Should I tip in Hong Kong?

Tipping isnt a big part of Hong Kong culture. Hotels and restaurants usually add a 10% service charge; however, in almost all cases this money does not go to the waiters and waitresses. In restaurants, add up to 10% more for good service, or simply round up the tab.

Does Hong Kong have snow?

Winter in Hong Kong Snow is unheard of in Hong Kong, and frost occurs only once or twice a year—dont expect a white Hong Kong Christmas. Crisp, clear days, with little rain, do make winter a viable time to visit Hong Kong, and are much more enjoyable to some visitors than the hot and sticky summers.

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