Question: Which city has the largest gay community?

Where is the gayest place on earth?

Tel Aviv Welcome to Tel Aviv, the gayest city on earth - The Boston Globe.

Can I get an abortion in Greece?

Abortion in Greece has been fully legalized since 1986, when law 1609/1986 was passed effective from 3 July 1986. Abortions can be performed on-demand in hospitals for women whose pregnancies have not exceeded 12 weeks.

How much is abortion in Greece?

In the Greek National Health System, abortions are carried out free of charge. The costs are covered by health insurance, which includes the right to three days leave on full pay.

Which European country banned abortion?

Malta Malta is the only EU country that bans abortion in all cases and does not have an exception for situations where the womans life is in danger.

What happened to Romanian orphans?

Unfortunately for the children who never got adopted, they either ran away or left the institutions at 18. They were illiterate, and lived on the streets. Prostitution, begging, and drug use is common among those who came from an orphanage.

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