Question: What are female lederhosen called?

The dirndl is regarded as a symbol of Bavaria. It is often worn by women working in businesses related to tourism or traditional culture, including Volksmusik, restaurants and beer gardens.

Why do Bavarians wear trachten?

Bavarians who didnt work with their hands for a living wore clothes called tracht in German, as a symbol of their connection to the land, tradition, and homeland. It was part of building an identity.

What does a dirndl consist of?

A dirndl is always composed of at least two pieces – the dress itself and an apron; in most cases, a cropped dirndl blouse is worn under the bodice and covers shoulders and upper arms. As a general rule, the bodice is tight while the skirt is cut wider and gathered at the waist, falling in pleats.

How tight should a dirndl be?

You should wear the bodice tight enough so that there are no creases in fabric, but not too tight – it should look pretty, not make you pass out from lack of oxygen. And less is more: the simpler your dirndl, the more attractive and lovely it is.

Do people still wear Dirndl?

In Austria and Germany, the traditional costume known as Tracht always used to be the preserve of the ultra-conservative. But these traditional clothes - lederhosen for men and dirndl dresses for women - have recently become rather fashionable.

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