Question: How old is Jackie Christie?

What does Jackie Christie do for a living?

Actor TV Personality Jackie Christie/Professions

How much is Jackie worth on Basketball Wives?

Jackie Christie net worth: Jackie Christie is an American television personality and reality show star who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Jackie Christie was born Jackie Lee in 1969 in Seattle, Washington. She is best known as one of the stars of the reality television show Basketball Wives: Los Angeles.

How many weddings has Jackie Christie?

Jackie Christie Opens Up About Her 20 Weddings - VH1 News.

Is takari Lee deaf?

TaKari shares that she has a speech impediment triggered from being 70% deaf in her left ear and 30% deaf in the right. She cites her speech impediment as a reason she struggled communicating with her mother.

What did Jackie Christie do to her kids?

Takari Lee Chantel ChristieDouglas Christie Jr. Jackie Christie/Children

What is Drayas real name?

Andraya Michele Howard Andraya Michele Howard (born January 23, 1985) is an American media personality, model, actress, and fashion designer.

Why does Jackie Christie get married every year?

According to Jackie, what started off as a means of overcompensating for their shotgun wedding, soon turned into a “family tradition.” It was just such a beautiful experience, coming together and celebrating our first year, that we decided to do it every year and make it a family tradition.”

Is Chantel Christie Doug Christies daughter?

Doug is the father to her 26-year-old daughter Chantel Christie and her 18-year-old son Doug Christie Jr. Jackie has another daughter, Takari Lee, from a previous relationship.

What did Jackie Christie do to her daughters?

Takari Lee Chantel Christie Jackie Christie/Daughters

Whats the name of Jackie Christies cognac?

Reality TV star Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives LA is shooting her first commercial for her cognac, Bossard. While she has NBA celebs like husband Doug Christie and his friends Matt Barnes and Chris Paul agreeing to be photographed with bottles of Bossard, she definitely needs to spread the word about the liquor.

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