Question: What year was the Little Colonel?

How old was Shirley Temple in Little Colonel?

six-year-old Included in the collection, which was sold at auction several months later, were the costumes six-year-old Shirley Temple wore in The Little Colonel movie. According to a February 17, 1935 story about the movie that ran in the Courier-Journal, some of those costumes were made by a talented Louisville seamstress: ...

Is Shirley Temple still alive?

Deceased (1928–2014) Shirley Temple/Living or Deceased

What is the message in the movie Glory?

JDS: One battle does not make a war, but the 54ths famous assault at Battery Wagner gave Americans north and south, white and black, a clear message: Black men would fight, fight hard, and sacrifice their lives for the twin cause of freedom and the Union.

Did Shirley Temple have children?

Lori Black Linda Susan AgarCharles Alden Black Jr. Shirley Temple/Children

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