Question: Where can I practice French conversation?

How can I practice French speaking?

To improve the way you speak French, repeat out loud a short text featuring audio, recorded by a native French speaker and featuring grammar and vocabulary you do understand – so you can then reuse it in conversations. If you dont have a French language partner, speak French to your pet! •Jun 17, 2021

How can I practice French speaking by myself?

6 Fool-proof Methods to Practice Intermediate FrenchRead out loud and record yourself speaking. Watch French movies with French subtitles. Watch comedy in French, its hilarious! Get a conversation partner. Listen to simple pop songs alongside written lyrics. Pick a Francophone country and study up.

Where can I talk to French people online?

Finding French Speakers OnlineConversation Exchange.Hellolingo.HelloTalk.Interpals.Italki.The Mixxer.My Language Exchange.Polyglot Club.

How do you say converse in French?

A smooth way to engage a conversation in French is to ask whether youve already met the person.Bonjour, je mappelle Claude. Pierre est un collègue. Bonsoir, je mappelle Sophie. Il me semble quon sest déjà vus quelque part. Salut, moi, cest Ingrid. On se connaît de vue je crois.16 Jun 2021

How do you start a formal conversation in French?

Business French: Conversation Starters“Bonjour, je mappelle (your name). “Je suis très heureux/heureuse de faire votre connaissance.” (“Its nice to meet you.”)“Comment est-ce que vous connaissez [name of the friend who introduced you] ?” (“How do you know [the name of the friend who introduced you]?”)

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