Question: What kind of music do psychopaths listen to?

More than three million people have responded so far, and while online surveys have serious weaknesses, the results so far suggest psychopaths favour rap music over classical and jazz. They also seem more likely to read the Financial Times than other newspapers.

Do psychopaths play music?

Psychopaths listen to a lot of the same music as the rest of us. However, psychologist Pascal Wallisch, who led the research, tells Newsweek that its not so much the genre of music that matters to psychopaths but rather the specific song. There is no strong association between any particular genre, says Wallisch.

Do sociopaths like music?

Contrary to the movie trope epitomised by Alex in A Clockwork Orange and Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs, psychopaths are no fonder of classical music than anyone else, though they do appear to have other musical preferences, psychologists say.

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