Question: What did Heinz fail at before ketchup?

The only thing that threatened his business was an oversupply of horseradish. That is exactly what happened. In 1875, the price of this powerful herb fell to almost nothing. Heinz and Noble were forced to declare bankruptcy.

Why did Heinz fail at food processing in 1875 but succeed five year later?

The business would ultimately fail at the end of 1875 because of a credit crunch caused by the economic depression known as the Panic of 1873. Sales had continued to rise, but the company was squeezed by expenses incurred in processing a bumper crop of cucumbers before it could recoup them with sales.

What was Heinzs first product?

horseradish Heinzs first product would have been grated horseradish, but by 1895 the company also offered evaporated horseradish. Evaporated came at a cheaper price point and could be stored for long periods at temperatures that would degrade the fresh product.

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