Question: When did Jenny Jones go off the air?

How did The Jenny Jones Show end? The final episode of The Jenny Jones Show aired in May 2003, one year after the civil lawsuit decision was overturned. The talk show was cancelled due to declining ratings and, as it was a syndicated show, not getting picked up in as many markets.

What happened Jenny Jones Show?

The Amedure family successfully sued The Jenny Jones Show for wrongful death, but the judgment was subsequently overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals. The episode was never broadcast, although segments of it were played for television news programs....Murder of Scott Amedure.Scott AmedureCause of deathGunshot woundsNationalityAmerican3 more rows

Who is the lady on Jenny can cook?

Jenny Jones Jenny Jones (born Janina Stronski; June 7, 1946) is a Canadian-American TV talk show host.

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