Question: Was bedeutet Mobb Deep?

What does Mobb Deep?

Mobb Deep was an American hip hop duo from Queensbridge, Queens, New York. They were known for their dark, hardcore delivery as exemplified in Shook Ones (Part II). Mobb Deep became one of the most successful rap duos in hip hop, having sold over 3 million records.

How did Mobb Deep?

Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy died from accidental choking, coroners office confirms. The hip-hop world mourned the death of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy on June 20 after he died while hospitalized in Las Vegas for complications caused by sickle cell anemia. He died at 42.

Where is Mobb Deep from?

Queensbridge Houses, New York, United States Mobb Deep/Origin

What is Prodigy from mindless behavior real name?

Crippen, Jr. Craig Prodigy Crippen, Jr. Mindless Behavior was an American boy band who were best known for the singles My Girl and Mrs. Right, produced by Walter Millsap.

How old is Mindless Behavior now?

How old are mindless behavior now? the boys of mindless behavior are 15, 16, and 17 years of age. Rayan DeQuan Lopez, now known as simply “Rayan” (formely known as Ray Ray) is a former member of American boy band, Mindless Behavior.

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