Question: Who took over for Next Day Blinds?

Instead, visitors to its now-defunct website are being redirected to a California company called 3 Day Blinds. “Next Day Blinds has ceased operations and permanently closed its doors,” the website says.

Who owns Hillary blinds?

Hunter Douglas Hunter Douglas (UK) Limited Hillarys/Parent organizations Hillarys, the maker and seller of made-to-measure blinds and floorings, has been sold to Dutch retailer Hunter Douglas in a deal worth £300m. PwC managed the sale of the business, which was owned by private equity firm Ares Capital Corporation.

Are Web blinds part of Hillarys?

As part of the Hillarys Group, the experts in window dressings for every room of the home, you can be sure of high quality standards when you buy from ...

Is Blinds to Go owned by Hillarys?

Hillarys is a manufacturer and retailer of made-to-measure window blinds, window shutters, curtains, and awnings....Hillarys Blinds.Hillarys LogoTrade nameHillarysArea servedUK & IrelandKey peopleJohn Risman, CEOParentHunter Douglas7 more rows

How do you properly close blinds?

To close the blinds, slightly loosen your grip on the string and allow it to rise back up toward the trigger motor. This motion will lower the slats, bringing them toward the bottom of the windowsill. Keep this motion slow, smooth, and steady to avoid entangling the slats or locking them.

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