Question: Can you see when someone was last on hinge?

And if youre wondering whether Hinge has read receipts, the answer is sadly no, so knowing whether people are active on the app can be a challenge. And since Hinge matches never expire, its possible that some of the people with whom youve already matched have since gone off and started dating someone else.

Does Hinge have seen receipts?

You dont want someone to know that you read their message but didnt reply choice-fully. Hinge also solves this by not giving a read feedback to your senders. So you can safely read and not reply instantly, without letting the other person know.

Can you Unsend a message on hinge?

You cannot delete one message within a conversation. If you delete a message, the entire conversation with that member will be deleted. To delete conversations, go to the “Me” page and the message tab. Select the conversation to delete, then tap on the bin icon at top right to delete it.

What happens when you click We met on Hinge?

Simply put, We Met lets you give us feedback on your Hinge dates so you can get out on better dates, faster! If you have not yet gone on a date, you can let us know if that changes any time by accessing We Met in your Matches.

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