Question: What is the difference between Ich liebe Dich and Ich hab dich Lieb?

learned German first and then learned English. “Ich habe dich lieb” means “I have (some) love for you.” “Ich liebe dich” means “I love you (a lot).”

How do you say I miss you in Switzerland?

0:051:08How to Say I Miss You in German | German Lessons - YouTubeYouTube

How do you say love without saying it?

Here are 20 ways to say I love you without actually saying I love you.This reminded me of you. Let me help you with that. I really miss you. I am worried about you. Im here for you. I respect you more than you know. Nothing will make me leave your side. I want to grow with you. •Jan 13, 2021

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