Question: Why live in Columbus Ohio?

Columbus has a low cost of living and a diverse job market. The citys diversified economy allows Columbus to remain a strong employment performer in the Midwest. It is among the top 100 metro areas in the nation, making moving to Columbus a safe and smart option for workers, notes The Columbus Dispatch.

Whats so great about Columbus Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio, is perhaps best-known for its unbridled passion for college football. Columbus is teeming with art, music, theater, museums and culture, and thanks to the sprawling Ohio State University and an array of businesses, its also home to a bustling and energetic workforce.

What its like living in Columbus?

10 Things To Know About Living in Columbus, OhioLow cost-of-living. Strong, diversified job market. A variety of higher education opportunities. Plenty of room to explore outdoors. Arts + culture abound. There is a thriving food scene. There are sports galore. You can shop until you drop. •Mar 11, 2021

Is Columbus Ohio a pretty city?

Columbus. Columbus is the capital of Ohio and a beautiful city that has been ranked in the top 50 cities to live in. There are plenty of fantastic photo opportunities that really capture Columbus in all of its glory especially at night when you can capture the lights of the city along with the river.

Is Columbus Ohio a safe place to live?

Maumee is Ohios safest city, earning a remarkably high 0.98 Safety Index score. The cozy community of around 14K logged a violent crime rate of 0.36 per 1,000, which is less than a tenth of the national average....Safest Cities in Ohio, 2019.RankCitySafety Index100Columbus-0.5699 more rows

What should I know before moving to Columbus Ohio?

33 Things You Need to Know About Columbus Before You Move ThereThe Wexner Will Blow Your Mind. Columbus Is Smarter Than You. Columbus Is a Major City. North Market Has All the Food You Want. Do Not Drive Anywhere Before a Home Football Game. The Highway Is a Ghost Town During a Home Football Game. •Aug 1, 2015

Is Columbus Ohio depressing?

Columbus area residents were among the most depressed in the country. Roughly 24% said they had been told by a physician or nurse that they suffered from depression, one of the highest percentages in the country, the report states.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Columbus Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio. Ohios capital is one of the more affordable big cities to live in, with the income needed to live comfortably falling under $70,000 for homeowners.

Where are the bad areas of Columbus Ohio?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Columbus, OHFranklinton. Population 7,306. 60 % Fort Columbus Airport. Population 3,184. 59 % Olentangy River Road. Population 3,967. 58 % South Linden. Population 8,700. Weinland Park. Population 5,611. Near Southside. Population 16,697. Milo Grogan. Population 1,513. North Central. Population 9,534.

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