Question: How can I use Happn app for free?

How can I use happn for free?

Using the basic features in happn is completely free: you can cross paths with other users, Like them, get Crushes, speak to them, play CrushTime and become invisible without subscribing to happn Premium. However, if you wish to use more features, you can subscribe to happn Premium.

Is Happn app free?

The happn app is free to download and to use. If you would like access to more features, you can switch to Premium by purchasing a subscription. With Premium, you get access to the list of people who have Liked your profile and you can send FlashNotes to your favorite profiles so youre sure to stand out.

Is it safe to use Happn app?

Safety. Although I personally say happn is completely safe to use, many have stressed their concerns on the dangers of users being able “to see where they have crossed paths with matches on a map as well as the number of times a potential match has been in the users vicinity.”

How do I pay for Happn app?

You can go Premium or buy FlashNotes directly from the in-app store, in the top right corner of the “My Account” page by tapping the “+” button or on the Need FlashNotes button. Whenever you tap a button leading to a paying feature (e.g. List of people who have Liked you), the app will suggest you to go Premium.

Which app is better tinder or Happn?

Tinder has more than 50 million users, which is much higher than roughly 20 million users of Happn. Tinder presents you profiles based on your location and interests. On the other hand, Happn continuously updates your timeline with profiles of other Happn users who have crossed paths with you in real life.

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