Question: Who is Petit Gervais?

Petit Gervais – A travelling Savoyard boy who drops a coin. Valjean, still a man of criminal mind, places his foot on the coin and refuses to return it.

What does Petit Gervais mean?

Petit-Gervais A small boy whom Valjean robs shortly after leaving Digne.

Where did Jean Valjean get his money?

In late 1815, Jean Valjean, now using the name Madeleine, arrives in Montreuil-sur-Mer. He revolutionizes the towns manufacturing and earns a fortune, which he spends mostly for the towns good, paying for the maintenance (including required staff) of hospital beds, orphanages and schools.

Who is Cosettes mother?

Fantine Cosette/Mother

How old is Cosette?

She is fourteen years old, and fresh out of the convent, so he pays little attention to her. After a few months, Marius notices her and sees that she has grown to be an extremely beautiful young woman. Soon Cosette and Marius exchange glances and fall in love. Valjean notices how attentive Marius is to their movements.

How do you pronounce Petit Gervais?

0:250:50How to Pronounce Jean Valjean? (Les Misérables) - YouTubeYouTube

Why did Jean Valjean hesitate to steal the silverware at first?

Why did Jean Valjean hesitate to steal the silverware at first? Answer: Because he was helped by the Bishop though he was not accepted by others. When he went to the Bishops room, he saw the rays of moonlight shone on the Bishops face and he slept peacefully.

Does Cosette sell fake bags?

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How is Petit pronounced?

0:101:05How to Pronounce Petit? | Hos to Say SMALL in French? - YouTubeYouTube

How do u say Petit?

0:300:58How to Pronounce Petit Four? (CORRECTLY) French & English ...YouTube

Who was Eponine in love with?

In Les Misérables, Éponine falls in love with Marius Pontmercy, her neighbor in Paris, and she eventually confesses her love for him with her dying breath. Éponine is initially an unsympathetic character, the spoiled child of the Thénardiers and a foil for Cosette, who is maltreated by her parents.

What did Jean Valjean steal from the Bishops place?

Valjean repays his hosts hospitality by stealing his silverware. When the police bring him back, the bishop protects his errant guest by pretending that the silverware is a gift. With a pious lie, he convinces them that the convict has promised to reform. After one more theft, Jean Valjean does indeed repent.

Why is Cosette cheaper?

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