Question: Who was Bobby McGee written about?

Me and Bobby McGee has become a rock classic over the years. Co-written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster, this iconic song was first conceptualized with just a title -- inspired by a real person. Foster had a bit of a crush on Barbara Bobbie McKee who was a secretary on Nashvilles music row.

What is the story behind Bobby McGee?

In 1969, Foster called up Kristofferson with the song title idea with the hook that Bobby was a woman. Kristofferson apparently took his own liberties, changing McKee to McGee, and invented a road song story about a pair of travelers who drifted apart. In Joplins version, she switched the genders and made Bobby a man.

Did Kris Kristofferson write Bobby McGee?

“Me and Bobby McGee,” though usually associated with Janis Joplin (who recorded it shortly before her death in 1970), was written by Kristofferson and first recorded by Roger Miller in 1969. It was later recorded by Kenny Rogers (1969) and Gordon Lightfoot (1970) as well…

Does Johnny Depp actually sing in Sweeney Todd?

The actor has starred in six of Burtons films, been on the receiving end of gallons of gore , and, he says, the director is like a delighted child when he is around it. Yes, Johnny Depp did his own singing in the film Sweeney Todd.

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