Question: Why did Loki take Sifs hair?

She was very proud of her hair, and did not allow herself to have a bad hair day. He knew that Sifs hair of gold was Thors greatest treasure - and he was determined to take it away from him. And while she was asleep, Loki took his shears and chopped off Sifs hair, every single lovely lock!

Why did Loki remove Sifs hair?

Why Did Loki Cut Her Hair? Loki cuts off Sifs hair as a prank. When Thor discovers this, he grabs hold of Loki, resulting in Loki swearing to have a headpiece made of gold to replace Sifs locks. Loki fulfills this promise by having a headpiece made by dwarfs, the Sons of Ivaldi.

Did Sif and Loki sleep together?

In traditional Norse mythology, Loki pulls a prank on Sif by cutting her hair while she sleeps one night (via Fortunately, this isnt the last time that Marvel fans will get to see Alexander as Lady Sif either.

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