Question: What is a good height for a goalkeeper?

What is the average height for a goalkeeper? 6.3 feet! According to a 2015 UEFA research the average height for a pro-goalkeeper is 6.3 feet. According to that report, a minimum height for a goalkeeper would be 5 ft, 11 in.

Can a goalkeeper be short?

A shorter player would be best suited in a winger role, like Emanuele Giaccherini (56, 167cm) or Aaron Lennon (55, 165cm). I would add on that if you really want to be a goalkeeper, you could look at arena/indoor football. The goals are smaller, so the height disadvantage may not be as big of an issue.

What is the most fun position in soccer?

Most fun position in soccer? The most fun and popular position is a striker/forward, who scores goals, wins matches, and gets the glory. But this is not the same for all players. Depending on the player, any position can be fun in soccer.

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