Question: What language do they speak in Dnipro?

Are Ukrainian and Russian the same language?

Russian and Ukrainian are different in pronunciation. To non-native speakers and for those not familiar with the language, they can sound the same. However, they are only roughly similar, and enough to be noticeable by people familiar with the languages. Ukranian has more soft consonants.

Why was Dnipro renamed?

In June 2014 another Lenin monument was removed and replaced by a monument to the Ukrainian military fighting the War in Donbass. In order to comply with the 2015 decommunization law the city was renamed Dnipro in May 2016, after the river that flows through the city.

Is it safe to travel to Dnipro?

Dnipro is reported to be safe from the current 2014 protests, and have no intents on joining Russia. Infact, the opposite of Pro-Russian protests known as Pro-Ukrainian protests. Do not speak anything against Ukraine and national unity, and avoid wearing anything supporting Russia in Pro-Ukraine rallys.

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