Question: In welchem Land ist LightInTheBox?

Where is LightinTheBox located?

China Light in the Box is an online retail company founded in China in 2007. To me, it is kind of similar to a Chinese It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LITB. They have all sorts of things, including wedding dresses, gardening tools, clothing..

Is there a LightinTheBox in China?

LightInTheBox - A Leading Online Retailer from China.

Is Lightinthebox a trusted website?

Easy to navigate website and great range of products at good prices. Products are good quality and they provide excellent customer service if required. Shipping can be a bit expensive though.

How do I return something to light in the box?

If you want to return the product, please confirm that youve received your package, by clicking Order Received. Then submit a Return or Exchange Ticket with supportive proof(photos or videos). We do not provide Return Label service. Please contact our customer service for guidance.

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