Question: Does Max Mara make mens?

Max Maras clean lines and minimalist aesthetic never cease to amaze the fashion crowd.

What kind of brand is Max Mara?

Italian fashion business Max Mara is an Italian fashion business. It markets up-market ready-to-wear clothing. It was established in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Achille Maramotti (7 January 1927 – 12 January 2005). In March 2008, the company had 2,254 stores in 90 countries.

Is Max Mara a luxury brand?

Max Mara and Burberry are both luxury brands with a strong following in the world of fashion, and the quality of their products speaks for itself. Max Mara and Burberry can both be found gracing the covers of the worlds top magazines, as well as on the catwalks at the upcoming New York Fashion Week 2019.

Is Max and Co the same as Max Mara?

MAX&Co. is a contemporary fashion brand offering modern women a vibrant, stylish, versatile wardrobe inspired by their ever evolving lifestyles. MAX&Co. is part of Max Mara Fashion Group.

Where is Max Mara clothing made?

Timeless, understated and a feat of Made in Italy production, Max Maras coats have become emblematic of Achille Maramottis pioneering ready-to-wear brand.

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