Question: Who are the Haradrim based on?

Tolkien based the Haradrim on ancient Aethiopians, people of Sub-Saharan Africa, following his philological research on the Old English word Sigelwara. He deduced that this word referred to some kind of soot-black fire demon before it was applied to the Aethiopians.Tolkien based the Haradrim on ancient Aethiopians

Where do the Haradrim come from?

[edit] History. The ancestors of the Haradrim were Men who awoke in the First Age, but stayed to the East of Middle-earth, not joining the migration of the Edain to the West. They eventually settled in Harad, where the Sun is fierce and there are no clouds.

What culture is Gondor based on?

Tolkien denied that the name Gondor had been inspired by the ancient Ethiopian citadel of Gondar, stating that the root Ond went back to an account he had read as a child mentioning ond (stone) as one of only two words known of the pre-Celtic languages of Britain.

How old is Aragorn?

87 years old The four hobbits had set out from the Shire to bring the One Ring to Rivendell. Aragorn, going by the nickname Strider, was then 87 years old, nearing the prime of life for a Númenórean.

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