Question: Who built the app store?

Michael Robertson: Apple You DIDNT Invent the App Store! Apple You DIDNT Invent the App Store! Apple is making a preposterous claim to the trademark office that they invented the app store concept and name and theyre asking a Judge to stop Amazon from even using the words app store.

Who made the Apple app store?

Apple Inc. App Store (iOS/iPadOS)Developer(s)Apple Inc.Operating systemiOS, iPadOSTypeDigital distribution and software updateWebsitewww.appstore.com1 more row

When did app store start?

July 10, 2008 App Store/Initial release dates

Is Apple store same as App Store?

The Apple App Store and Google Play are both different platforms through which developers market and sell apps. Google Play, which used to be called Andriod Market, is for Android mobile apps, versus iOS apps on the Apple App Store. The Google Play Store generates more than double the downloads of the Apple App Store.

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