Question: Is there an EliteSingles app?

Welcome to the app version of the best dating site where you can find love with serious singles! Access our dating apps premium matchmaking features and meet like-minded singles easily, anytime, anywhere. Discover your perfect match and find chemistry that lasts, with EliteSingles dating app. Download it today!

How does EliteSingles app work?

The site matches singles based on that huge 30-minute personality assessment you just took, which is modelled after the Five Factor Model theory. After the more black-and-white factors (like the age, occupation, and location you asked for), are factored in, the algorithm recommends up to seven matches per day.

Can you join EliteSingles for a month?

EliteSingles Costs and Prices Unlimited communication, intelligent matchmaking, view all members photos, see all profile visitors, identify verification, read receipts for messages. Although EliteSingles quotes their membership fees on a monthly basis, the subscription fee is paid upfront for the entire period.

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