Question: What was the first punk band?

According to what I have read, it seems that The Ramones are the first punk rock band. (they were formed in 1974). Rock critics in the early 70s have labelled mid-60s garage bands such as the Stooges and MC5 as punk rock but now those bands are known simply as garage rock or protopunk.

Where was the first punk music?

New York: The First Punk Rock Scene The first concrete punk rock scene appeared in the mid-70s in New York. Bands like the Ramones, Wayne County, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Blondie and the Talking Heads were playing regularly in the Bowery District, most notably at the legendary club CBGB.

Who is the most famous punk rock band?

Readers Poll: The Best Punk Rock Bands of All TimeThe Ramones.The Sex Pistols. The Dead Kennedys. Iggy and the Stooges. Black Flag. The Misfits. Social Distortion. Bad Brains. Washington, D.C. legends Bad Brains began as jazz-fusion group in 1975, but two years later punk hit and they changed their sound. •Aug 2, 2011

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