Question: Can we chat on Jeevansathi without paying?

Making Contact on Jeevansathi Messaging is for premium users only. You can get in touch with other users for free through the Send Interest button.

Can Free Members chat on Shaadi com?

On the Shaadi chat list, you can see Accepted Members, Shortlists and My Matches who are online. As a free member, you may respond to chat request sent by Premium Members or upgrade to a Premium Membership to initiate chat with members you like.

How can I get contact in Jeevansathi?

Log-in to My JeevanSathi >> Advanced Search, Quick Search, Photo Club & View Profiles >> Contact Profiles.

How can I create account in Jeevansathi?

You can make your profile by: Click on the “Register Free” button on the home page. Fill out a simple form to get started. Complete all details such as mother tongue, religion, caste, sub-caste, location, height, marital status....They are:Search.My Saved Searches.Search by Profile ID.Sep 13, 2018

How can I reactivate my Jeevansathi account?

Jeevansathi Internet Services Customer CareJeevansathi Internet Services Customer Care. New Delhi, Delhi. Basis the request for retrieval of the profile, kindly drop a mail to [protected], mentioning your profile ID within the subject line of the mail. S. Saimin Mehnaz. May 22, 2021. S. Saimin Mehnaz.

How do I talk to someone on a matrimonial site?

Here are some tips how you should chat with other members on matrimonial site.Dont give too much information in the first conversation. Start your chat on lighter note with simple things. Dont tell minute details to anybody in the initial chat.Dont share negative details with him/her in your initial conversation. •Mar 24, 2017

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