Question: What happened to the show connecting?

In November 2020, the series was canceled after four episodes. The remaining episodes were released on and Peacock shortly after.

Did connecting get Cancelled?

Connecting… has been cancelled so there will not be a second season. The last episode was released on November 16, 2020.

What happened to the TV show connecting?

Connecting Cancelled at NBC, Remaining Episodes to Air on Peacock. Connecting has lost its connection… and they cant even blame it on a faulty wi-fi. NBC has pulled the pandemic comedy from its Thursday night time slot, the network confirmed on Monday, effectively cancelling it after one season.

Who plays Annie on connecting?

Otmara Marrero Otmara Marrero plays Annie on the new NBC comedy Connecting... A versatile actress on the rise, Marrero was recently seen in the critically acclaimed film Clementine, which earned her a Breakthrough Performance Award from the Los Angeles Downtown Film Festival.

Is connected available on Netflix?

Netflix Acquires Connected From Sony Pictures Animation, Gives It a New Title. The Mitchells vs. One of our most anticipated films of the year just became a Netflix movie.

Where can we watch connected?

Watch Connected | Prime Video.

Who did bash hug at the end of transplant?

Well, Bash thinks that might be the cause of Bishops problems. Mags reassures Bash that whats happening is not his fault, and if anything, he saved Bishops life. She hugs Bash, and theres definitely a moment where it feels like theyre going to kiss after they pull apart.

Can a transplant be back?

Transplant is the Canadian medical drama series everybody is talking about. The first series recently came to an end but thankfully the gritty drama will be returning for a second outing.

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