Question: What is French Connection known for?

For years, the Corsican underworld had been involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of heroin, primarily to the United States. It was this heroin network that eventually became known as the French Connection.

What makes the French connection a good movie?

What is not always remembered is what a good movie it is apart from the chase scene. It featured a great early Gene Hackman performance that won an Academy Award, and it also won Oscars for best picture, direction, screenplay and editing. The movie is all surface, movement, violence and suspense.

What is the French connection based on a true story?

The real story behind “The French Connection”—the slightly fictionalized film account of the smashing of heroin‐smuggling ring—goes back to 1962. The leader of the ring was a tall, dapper Frenchman named Jean Jehan, who was known to his American connections (who could not pronounce his name) as “the Giant.”

Why is the French Connection rated R?

Parents need to know that The French Connection is a 1971 movie that is filled with frequent profanity (including f--k), violence, and questionable behavior.

Were the 3 degrees in the French connection?

It turns out that The Three Degrees were the featured vocal group in the night club scene in The French Connection. Filmed on location at the Copacabana, they inject tremendous energy into the scene with their soaring version of Jimmy Webbs “Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon.”

Is La Haine appropriate?

It contained moderate gun threat and a sense of menace, and was given a 12 age rating (the current 12A category not being introduced until 2002). A second, still shorter, trailer was also rated 12, with the same issues noted.

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