Question: Is Rainham Kent a nice place to live?

Rainham is considered one of the most prestigious of the Medway Towns, it provides much accessibility and functionality for residents within the Rainham area. Though once a small separate village it has grown into a popular and sought after location to settle down in.

Is Rainham a safe place to live?

One of the two largest wards in the borough, Rainham and Wennington nonetheless saw only 52 crimes reported. A somewhat sparse population, however, means the crime rate was still almost four per 1,000 residents. Rainham is a suburban town in the area, whilst Wennington is merely described as a village.

Is Rainham Kent rough?

Rainham Central has racked up 615 crimes since the beginning of 2019. Of these, 35.4 per cent were of a violent or sexual nature.

What is Rainham famous for?

A hoard of 453 late bronze-age (900 to 800 BCE) artefacts was found in Rainham in 2018. Known as the Havering hoard, it comprises swords, socketed axe heads, spear heads, knives, daggers, woodwork tools, bracelets, ingots, and other items, weighing more than 45 kg in total.

Is Medway a good place to live?

Medway is a place in which you can enjoy both living and working. A thriving business location but also within an easily commute to London and yet beautifully green with seven green flags accredited parks. Its a great place to put down roots and make a life.

Is it safe to live in Gillingham Kent?

Gillingham is among the top 5 most dangerous major towns in Kent, and is the 29th most dangerous overall out of Kents 335 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Gillingham in 2020 was 103 crimes per 1,000 people.

How big is Rainham Kent?

Geography. Rainham occupies a large stretch of land from the dip slope of a moderate rise of the North Downs of about 125 m (410 ft) above sea level, descending to a frontage on the River Medways natural harbour to the north. London is approximately 39 miles (63 km) to the west. Three roads cross the town.

Is Rainham part of Essex?

Historically part of the county of Essex, Rainham is 13.6 miles (21.9 km) east of Charing Cross and is surrounded by a residential area, which has grown from the historic village, to the north and a commercial area, fronting the River Thames, to the south.

Is Medway a poor area?

Medway is an area of contrast with areas of deprivation and affluence. There are five areas in the 10 per cent most deprived areas nationally. In contrast six are in the least deprived 10 per cent of wards nationally.

Is Rainham a London borough?

London Borough of Havering Rainham/London boroughs

Which zone is Rainham?

Zone 6 Rainham Station is in Zone 6 and therefore in the Oyster zone.

What council is Rainham Essex in?

Rainham | Town centres | The London Borough Of Havering.

What is the poorest area in Kent?

The most deprived places in KentNorthwood, Thanet (933)St Radigunds, Dover (994)Eastcliff, Thanet (1038)Queenborough and Halfway, Swale (1159)Luton and Wayfield, Medway (1279)Folkestone East, Folkestone and Hythe (1356)Chatham Central, Medway (1534)Westbrook, Thanet (1563) •Sep 27, 2019

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