Question: What is the true color personality test?

The true colors personality test provides a method of understanding ourselves and others. The test uses the colors orange, gold, blue and green to represent four different personality types. By using colors instead of labels, the true colors personality test aims to improve global understanding.

How is the true colors test scored?

Score each of the four boxes in each row from most to least as it describes you: 4 = most, 3 = a lot, 2 = somewhat, 1 = least. If any of the scores in the colored boxes are less than 5 or greater than 20 you have made an error.

Can you be more than one color on the True colors personality test?

You may be a combination of two colors, but usually a student will exhibit one primary color. A personality test is not a means to type cast a student, but it allows teachers to understand the personality attributes associated with various students.

What is a blue personality type?

Those with Blue color personality strengths tend to be enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, compassionate, idealistic, sincere and imaginative. Blue personality temperaments can be good listeners, talk about the possibilities and like to do new things. Conflict or disharmony can upset a Blue.

What do the true colors mean?

: to show what one is really like : to reveal ones real nature or character He seemed nice at first, but he showed his true colors during the crisis.

Why do I like the color green?

Green represents growth, the color of spring, renewal, and rebirth. The emotionally positive color of green gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves as well as others. People who are drawn to green are generally natural peacemakers.

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